“Dedicated to the Milanese fountain of Milizia square that continues to be dry”

Square of the Milizie, Alzaia Naviglio Grande, Milan
postcard of a one-night site specific installation
wharf, buoy, disused fountain

One night in April we built a temporary landing stage for the northern fountain of Piazzale delle Milizie in Milan, a place close to the urban waterway called Naviglio Grande.
Imagining the water, we install inside a buoy. Our intervention is dedicated to this abandoned fountain that for over thirty years has been forgotten on the edge of the Naviglio Grande; it was perhaps part, together with the twin, of a picturesque twentieth-century garden.
The idea of the imbarcadero (pier) stems from the desire to recall the original identity of the place and then transform it, hypothesizing a point of mooring and departure towards the Naviglio.
This passing image is photographed and captured in a postcard, a paper fragment that preserves the rediscovered and transformed memory of the place.
Our interest goes into those urban areas that in the absence of interactions have been left aside and are abandoned.
Our work tends to reconstruct their identity starting from the study of the original one.

Dedicato alla fontana milanese di piazzale delle Milizie che sta all’asciutto