About us

Marta Fumagalli and Riccardo Pirovano are a couple of Italian artists. They work together since 2011 under the name Jukai. Their research is focused on urban landscape where they detect neglected places, but relevant in terms of “potential memory”. From Europe, to Japan and Africa they have been creating temporary and permanent “organic” site specific installations sprouted from the observation and the interaction with those sites. The word ‘jukai’ is the transliteration of what in Japanese culture is defined as ‘the sea of trees’, or the deep, primordial, uncontaminated forest attributed to the famous coniferous forest at the foot of Japanese Mount Fuji. Their modus operandi evokes the spontaneous processes that are found in those environments. They imagine and create temporary and permanent “organic” and site-specific installations sometimes by assembling plant material or industrial wood. Each time their consider the specificities that make each place unique. Their projects are often realized in collaborations with garden designers, architects and landscape designers.

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